I began my design career as an intern in an architecture firm in Buenos Aires. At the time I was still in technical school where I learned technical drawing, hardware and computer logic. I eventually moved into a webmaster design position in a Software Training Center, one of the first companies to begin offering online education during the internet boom.
I transitioned to graphic design at an advertising agency 15 years ago when I first moved to Southern California.
I am a hybrid multidisciplinary designer, strategist, and most importantly I'm a doer. I get shit done, and I don't fit any one mold. I thrive wearing many hats and solving unlikely problems. 

I have 3 certifications; one in User Experience Design, one in Interaction Design and one in Visual Communication Design. I'm also trained on IDEO's human-centered approach and on Design Thinking facilitation.
My design background ranges from weekly magazine publications, film, packaging and merchandise to product development. My experience allows me to see the full lifecycle of a product from concept and development to implementation.
Fun Facts: In another life I was a yoga teacher, a firedancer and a back-up dancer for Panic! at the Disco.
I'm passionate about design, community and fostering opportunities for conversations that enhance the practice of design. For those reasons, I volunteer my time for some amazing local organizations: 
• I’m the Small Talks Chairperson for the AIGA Austin Chapter. My most recent events were part of the arch: UX for New Tech and included the topics of "Wearables" at Under Armor,  "Omni-Channel Design" at Mutual Mobile, and "Integrated Reality" at argodesign. The upcoming event arch will focus on "Accessibility Design, Designing for Culturally Diverse markets, and disability" from December 2017 through 2018.
• I am one of the organizers for fresh2design, with my focus in Internal Processes & Member Experience Development; fresh2design is a local meetup group and community of over 2000 up-and-coming local designers. I most recently helped facilitate the Adobe XD event "Evolution of the Design Process" during the the week of SxSW Interactive. I also hosted a extremely sucessfull storytelling event for LGBTQ Voices in Tech.
• Finally, I'm the Workshop Programming Lead for Austin Design Week, which in its second year will run from November 6-10, 2017.
I was recently featured on AIGA National panel on Diversity & Inclusion, where I presented my Human-centered design and data visualization work with the non-profit organization Out Youth.
My short term career goals include developing my skills in design systems and data visualization.  I would enjoy exploring the intersection between social impact, ethics and design practices.
If you represent a company with a full-time opportunity or are a like-minded individual, I would love to grab a coffee.
Send me an email: and let's connect! 
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