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Positioning and competitive advantage: Terra Toys, a long established Austin toy store,  carries memorabilia, collector items, high-end and out-of-the-ordinary toys. 
The whole store is an 1950’s experience that even includes an old-fashioned cafe. 

Need: The store requires a memorable mark to elevate their undefined brand. Currently composed of four different plain typefaces used as logos in all their materials.

Audience:  Children. Families. Nerdy Adults.

Brand attributes: Playfulness, Variety, Out-of-the-ordinary.

Voice and personality:  Friendly, Retro/Vintage/Nostalgia, Wholesome, Colorful.

Logo needs: Storefront, merchandise, bags, website.

Competitors: Comic stores, toy stores such as: Toy Joy, Toys R Us. Online Stores mainly Ebay.
Design System Development and Style Guide
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