My design career began with an internship at an architecture firm in Buenos Aires. At the time I was still in technical school where I learned technical drawing, hardware and computer logic. I eventually moved into a webmaster design position at a Software Training Center, one of the first companies to begin offering online education during the internet boom.
I transitioned to graphic design for advertising 15 years ago when I moved to California. About seven years ago I became more focused on experience design projects, I began contracting for tech agencies like Mutual Mobile and Jackrabbit Mobile in Texas.
I am a hybrid designer, strategist, and most importantly I'm a doer. I thrive on solving all kinds of problems with the goal of crafting meaningful, aesthetic and pleasant experiences for users.

I have 3 certifications: one in User Experience Design, one in Interaction Design and one in Visual Communication Design. I'm also trained on IDEO's human-centered approach and on IBM's Design Thinking facilitation.
I had the pleasure of working for Electronic Arts at the IT Employee Experience department. In the two years I worked there as a Senior Designer, I implemented a Learning Management System, launched their new Internal Digital Workspace, and worked on the Enterprise Search effort and marketplace.
I currently work at Lyft, after a few months supporting the Internal Productivity team with another Enterprise Search effort, I moved to the Accident Claims Team, as the Lead Designer I'm helping implement a better end-to-end experience for drivers to report accidents, and for claim operators to handle claims. I'm also supporting the development of our new Ops Design System Language with the help of other great designers.

​​​​​​​Fun Fact: In another life, I was a yoga teacher, a fire dancer and a back-up dancer for Panic! at the Disco.
I’m deeply passionate about design and community. During my free time I volunteer my efforts to explore conversations around design, technology and accessibility 
These opportunities require a great level of organization, a self-starter attitude and long term strategic planning and leadership skills. These same skills I bring to any project. 
In November 2018 I was asked to speak at the Austin Design Week closing ceremony event at Handsome Design in Austin - Texas, where I shared about my journey into design with great public reception. 
I was the Pride Employee Resource Group Lead at EA. Within this team I mobilized volunteers and chair members for four new event initiatives I brought forward to leadership. Beyond budgeting, forecast allocation and developing new strategies I supported and managed a cross-functional team of hundreds of employees from different areas of the organization, with different skill sets, and all levels of talent in order to execute the EA Pride ERG's mission: To create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace culture for LGBTQAI+ and their allies at EA. 
At Lyft, I continued this work, once again as a lead in the LyftOut ERG, moving the culture of the company forward towards inclusivity and creating safe spaces for community gathering, programing, and many other initiatives.
fresh2design SF launched! We had our first storytelling event in September 2020, and more to come. Come join me here
Learn more about my community involvement and past initiatives here
Fun Fact: I love singing karaoke, playing video games, and eating Salt&Straw ice cream.
My career goals include being part of a cross-functional team in the tech, sustainability, gaming or entertainment industry that would continue to facilitate my professional growth, personal development and leadership skills. I would like to continue deepening my knowledge of design systems, data visualization, interfaces beyond phone or computer screens such as car infotainment systems and voice interfaces, and lead projects that that track performance data metrics after implementation.
If you would like to see my most recent work, please contact me to request the password.

If you have a job opportunity or you are a like-minded individual, let's chat.
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