My design career began with an internship at an architecture firm in Buenos Aires. At the time I was still in technical school where I learned technical drawing, hardware and computer logic. I eventually moved into a webmaster design position at a Software Training Center, one of the first companies to begin offering online education during the internet boom.
I transitioned to graphic design for advertising 15 years ago when I moved to California.
I am a hybrid multidisciplinary designer, strategist, and most importantly I'm a doer. I thrive on solving all kinds of problems with the goal of crafting meaningful and aesthetic experiences for users.

I have 3 certifications: one in User Experience Design, one in Interaction Design and one in Visual Communication Design. I'm also trained on IDEO's human-centered approach and on Design Thinking facilitation.
I recently transitioned to a UX Design role at Electronic Arts for the Employee Experience department, after my contract with Creative Tonic branding agency ended.
Fun Fact: In another life, I was a yoga teacher, a firedancer and a back-up dancer for Panic! at the Disco.
I’m deeply passionate about design and community. During my free time I volunteer my efforts to explore conversations around design, technology and accessibility 
These opportunities require a great level of organization, a self-starter attitude and long term strategic planning; skills I bring to any project. 
Learn more about my community involvement and initiatives here
Fun Fact: I love singing karaoke, watching sci-fi and eating Halo Top ice cream.
My short term career goals include joining a creative team that facilitates growth and personal development. I would like to deepen my knowledge of design systems and data visualization, as I build a stronger UX portfolio that incorporates measurable performance data in real life scenarios.
If you would like to see my most recent work, please contact me to request a password.

If you have a job opportunity or you are a like-minded individual, let's chat.
email: or twitter: @artawake